Dental prosthetics is our specialty. It is a branch of dentistry concerned with replacing missing teeth, remedying extensive defects of single teeth as well as improving the aesthetic qualities of patients’ dentition. Our long-term clinical expertise and collaboration with leading prosthetic clinics enables us to offer top quality dental prostheses, both fixed and removable. Our services include, among others: ALL-CERAMIC VENEERS, which guarantee the highest aesthetic level possible; at the same time, they are the most durable of all dental prostheses PORCELAIN CROWNS AND BRIDGES ON A METAL BASE – a standard and permanent method for restoring both single teeth and extensive tooth losses ALL-CERAMIC CROWNS AND BRIDGES, which offer an even higher aesthetic level than their metal and porcelain equivalents, particularly recommended for dental restoration along the smile line. You can choose from two types of full ceramics: IPS e.max Press (of the company Ivoclar Vivadent) for restoring single teeth, and ceramics on a zirconium base for restoring extensive tooth losses as well as entire dental arches. INLAY/ONLAY/OVERLAY RESTORATIONS used for restoring missing parts of single teeth (type depends on the clinical case). They ensure much higher durability than the usual light-activated fillings. SKELETAL AND ACRYLIC DENTURES i.e. removable prosthetic fillings used for extensive dental losses where fixed dentures cannot be used IMPLANTOPROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS i.e. prostheses supported by dental implants