Oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) is a broad discipline of operative dentistry, which includes tooth extractions, among others. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we make sure that tooth removals are no longer associated with pain and fear. Teeth are extracted completely painlessly, quickly and efficiently – especially in cases of impacted wisdom teeth. In order to minimize surgery-related stress for those patients who need all of their third molars removed, we reduce the number of visits to only two. It means that two teeth on either side are removed during one visit. After the two extraction sites have healed up, an identical operation is performed on the other side. Impacted third molar extractions are sometimes followed by postoperative pain, which may persist for up to a few days. Therefore, our patients are prescribed effective pain relievers, thus making it possible for the pain to be completely eliminated in the healing process. After each surgery, the patient is thoroughly informed about postoperative care. Following the removal of an impacted third molar, a cold compress will be applied to the patient’s cheek, which reduces postoperative swelling. Should stitches be necessary, they will be painlessly taken out after a period of one week free of charge in our office.

Additionally, we offer the following services: • surgical dental crown lengthening in case of subgingival crown fracture, which makes prosthetic restoration impossible; it is often the only method to save the tooth from extraction • pre-prosthetic surgeries, which are performed in order to mould the prosthetic base • frenectomy • hemisection, trisection, radectomy, premolarisation – when it becomes expedient to remove one of the roots of a multirooted tooth and its treatment is no longer possible; thus, we save the remaining part of the tooth, which may serve as a site for prosthetic restoration • surgical excision of gingival pockets • root-end resection (apicoectomy)